ULTRA LED™ Grow Lamps

SYLVANIA ULTRA LED Grow Lamps have arrived! Our A21 and BR30 grow lamps offer the perfect blend of red and blue light on wavelength spectrum, maximizing its use across all stages of plant growth from germination to seed spreading. With a rated life of 25,000 hours and 25 μmol/s (micromoles per second), these lamps are competitive in the horitcultural lighting market. Compared to traditional grow lights, these LED retrofit options have significant energy savings and low heat emissions, lowering the risk of burning your plants.  

PIB - ULTRA LED™ Grow Lamps

Presentation (PDF) - ULTRA LED™ Grow Lamps

Photo - ULTRA LED Grow Lamps - A19

Photo - ULTRA LED Grow Lamps - BR30

Insert Sheet - ULTRA LED™ Grow Lamps