UltraLED™ Edge-Lit Panels 
120V-277V, 347V

Since our first line of panels were so successful, we are launching the new-and-improved UltraLED Edge-lit Panel. With lower wattage options, these panels have an LPW of 125, making them DLC Premium rated and offering you incredible savings through local utility rebates. These new panels come in 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 configurations with emergency battery back-up options that will also soon be available for purchase. The new panels will continue to be supported by the flange and surface mount kits as well.


PIB - UltraLED Edge-Lit Panel

Presentation (PDF) - UltraLED Edge-Lit Panel

Image - UltraLED Edge-Lit Panel

Insert Sheet - UltraLED Edge-Lit Panel