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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Natural Series™ B10, G25, ST19, A15, G16.5, A21 3-ways

 TruWave™ LED bulbs offer a smoother and fuller spectrum which brings it closer to natural light, both visually and beneficially. These lamps enhance color contrast, improves readability, and reduces eye strain, all while saving energy costs. TruWave Technology™ delivers this exceptional color quality without the loss of efficacy which is typical of most 90+ CRI solutions. TruWave™ bulbs are available in clear and frosted for A15, A21 3-way, B10, G16.5 and G25, and clear in ST19 configurations.



PIB- Natural Series B10

PIB- Natural Series G25

PIB- Natural Series ST19


PIB- Natural Series A15

PIB- Natural Series G16.5

PIB- Natural Series A21 3-Way