ULTRA LED™  90+ CRI, A-Series Lamps

90+ CRI* (color rendering index) is great for photography, retail display and grocery lighting, where accurate color presentation is key. High CRI lighting is equally valuable in home use, as it can transform a room by highlighting design details and creating a comfortable, natural overall feel.

*CRI (0-100) is the measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce colors of various objects compared to natural light. 


ULTRA LED™  90+ CRI, Dimmable, 25,000 Life, A-19 Lamps

5W, 90CRI, 450 Lumen, 15000 life  #


6W, 93CRI, 470 Lumen#
10W, 93CRI, 800 Lumen#
12W, 92CRI, 1100 Lumen#

ULTRA LED™  90+ CRI, Dimmable, A-21 Lamps

17W, 92CRI, 1600 Lumen#