Made in the USA with Global and US Parts, LED Lamps

Assembled in our plants in St. Marys, Pennsylvania and designed by our engineering team in Wilmington, Massachusetts, the American Way Lamps are the exceptional choice for local products. They are also an investment in more than 200 American jobs—and lamps manufactured locally can be supplied quicker. Offering full LED attributes of longer life, incandescent-shape and no-UV light make American Way Lamps ideal for numerous commercial and residential applications.

ULTRA LED™ 80CRI, Dimmable, A-19 Lamps

4.5W, 450 Lumen  #

2700K, 15000 Life

6.5W, 800 Lumen#

2700K, 15000 life


ULTRA LED™ 80CRI, Dimmable, A-21 Lamps

9W, 800 Lumen  #

2700K, 15000 Life

11W, 1500 Lumen#

2700K, 15000 life


ULTRA LED™ 80CRI, Dimmable, G-25 Lamps

ULTRA LED™ 80CRI, Dimmable, PAR38 Lamp

12.5W, 1050 Lumen  #

3000K, 25000 Life