​Directional LED Light Engines and Modules

​OSRAM directional dimmable LED products offer various levels of integration and a wide range of lumen packages, color temperatures, and beam angles. With their energy efficiency, long life, and low operating/maintenance costs, these products are a great choice for a wide variety of applications. Our directional products are optimally paired with OPTOTRONIC® power supplies and controls.

PrevaLED® Cube:
  • Constant current modules with integrated optics for downlighting applications


PrevaLED® Cube AC:
  • Modules with integrated driver for downlighting applications


PrevaLED® Core Z3:
  • Zhaga Book 3 compliant constant current light engine for spotlighting applications


PrevaLED® Core
Pro AC:
  • Modules with integrated driver for spotlighting applications


PrevaLED® Coin 50:
  • Constant current light engines with integrated heat sink and optics for spotlighting applications


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