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Constant Current power supplies are available with the following output currents:

  • 350mA
  • 700mA 
  • 100mA 
  • 1400mA
  • 150-350mA (Range)
  • 200-1400mA (Range)
Constant Current LED Power Supplies
Compact, electronically stabilized and specially developed to operate hi-flux LED modules

Constant current power supplies are intended to be used with LED modules without integrated IC current drivers. They are ideally suited to operate customer specific designs and eliminate the need for current-limiting circuitry connected to the LED.

Constant current power supplies require a serial connection, which should be specifically noted when designing a system and during installation.


Constant current power supplies offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced system power losses. The power conversion is done directly from the line voltage to the fixed DC output current. No additional current limiting components are required (which reduces system losses).

  • No additional thermal load due to current limiting devices. Connecting additional current limiting devices to high-flux LEDs may increase the thermal load on the LED especially when current limiting is done through linear current regulators. By supplying a controlled DC-current, constant current devices eliminate the need for such components.

The majority of OPTOTRONIC® constant current LED power supplies are Class 2 to ensure the output side is safe to touch at all times. However, this limits the total output power of the power supply and the number of LEDs that can be driven by one power supply. Due to the serial connection of the LED, the forward voltage drop is added up and needs to be below Class 2 limits for operating the LED at the desired output current.