Benefits of Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is the ability to use less energy to produce similar light levels and performance.

Technological advances in the past decade have significantly improved the energy efficiency of traditional technology lamps and ballasts, delivered LED options for general lighting and advanced lighting control solutions to help reduce the amount of energy used for lighting interior and exterior spaces.  Integrating these advances into your lighting systems will result in lower utility bills and reduced environmental impacts.

Energy-efficient fluorescent and HID lamp and ballast systems, LED lamps and systems, high efficiency halogen and advanced lighting controls can save money on monthly electric bills. Using less energy reduces emissions of carbon dioxide, air-borne mercury, and other harmful pollutants from power plants that burn fewer fossil fuels to meet the lower energy demand.

Traditional lamps and LED sources with longer life times will require fewer replacements, resulting in reduced the demand for raw materials, energy needed to produce additional lamps/sources and lower maintenance and recycling costs.

Air Pollution Reduction
Air Pollution Reduction

Air pollutants can remain airborne for long periods of time and can be carried by winds for hundreds of miles. View the most prevalent air emissions from coal-burning power plants.

Reduced Energy Use
Reduce Energy Use

OSRAM SYLVANIA has been an energy-efficient innovator since the 1960s.  We were first with high performance T8 fluorescent lamps in North America.

Cost Savings Calculator
Cost Savings Calculator

Use this 3-part calculation to determine annual energy cost savings resulting from an upgrade of one lamp or system type throughout a facility. This annual cost savings figure may be compared with the cost of the upgrade to determine simple payback and ROI.